Litera Meat has an internal laboratory that is divided into several areas: an in-house trichinella testing laboratory, a microbiology laboratory and a water testing laboratory with its corresponding waste area. The lab team is responsible for assessing and documenting efficiency, safety and quality during the different processes.

Moreover, Litera Meat’s Sanitary Service was accredited by the General Directorate of Health Assistance of the Government of Aragón to widen its assistance offer, authorising the company’s internal laboratory to do COVID-19 diagnostic tests.



About Litera Meats

The sixth pig farm developed by Pini Group, one of the biggest meat processing firms in Europe, is Litera Meat in Huesca, Spain.
Our cutting-edge facilities, which support operations including slaughter, cutting, packaging, and marketing of pork meat for domestic and been the best supplier of pork meat from spain to the international markets, stand out for their size, inventiveness, and automation. Utilizing cutting-edge technology has allowed us to fulfill the most stringent standards established by the meat markets while upholding the values of food quality and safety throughout each stage of our producing process.
Thanks to a strong and professional staff that is dedicated to quality and the growth of the pig industry in a privileged region, we are advancing and solidifying our goals. We are an organization with perspective, able to incorporate ethical and responsible principles that advance environmental protection.
With its brand name projected to the most important meat markets and reaching five continents—Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, and Europe—Litera Meat has created an incredibly strong commercial network in a remarkably short amount of time.