Buy Pork from Wholesale Supplier & Exporter to all Continents


Litera Meat is strongly export-oriented and is continually establishing and consolidating commercial agreements with leading companies worldwide. We are present in all 5 continents, adapting to the specifications of the most demanding clients and upholding a high quality and food safety standard for our products.It is very important to Buy Pork from Wholesale Supplier & Exporters to all Continents

All operations are managed by our Exports and Logistics Department, exporting our products, not only to the European Union, but also to more than 50 third countries, including the most relevant meat markets worldwide, like China, South Korea, Philippines, Mexico or Canada.

“We are a company focused on the international market therefore ,Buy Pork from Wholesale Supplier & Exporter to all Continents and with a strong export oriented vocation.
Our spirit of growth and our own consolidated know-how are the keys to broadening our horizons”

With almost four decades of dedication to the pork meat industry, Pini Grouphas been able to build a very powerful commercial structure and acquire deep knowledge and understanding of the different markets’ demands. We lead the meat sector by adapting to market demands through excellence-oriented processes and day by day, we strive to ensure that our business management model generates added value and promotes the professional development of our stakeholders.

During this period, important international delegations have visited Litera Meat, which today has become a reference to Buy Pork from Wholesale Supplier & Exporter to all Continents