Litera Meat(Binéfar, Huesca) began its activity in July 2019, a date that marked the beginning of a forward-looking venture. The project, which required an investment of €130 million, was considered of interest to the autonomous community by the Government of Aragón.

Since Litera Meat started operating, its business activities have speeded up, and it has established major trade agreements and consolidated its operations in a territory in which the agri-food industry is a strategic sector. A team that is committed to and passionate about the pork sector is the key that drives our continuous growth.

With almost four decades of dedication to the pork meat industry, Pini Grouphas been able to build a very powerful commercial structure and acquire deep knowledge and understanding of the different markets’ demands. We lead the meat sector by adapting to market demands through excellence-oriented processes and day by day, we strive to ensure that our business management model generates added value and promotes the professional development of our stakeholders.

During this period, important international delegations have visited Litera Meat, which today has become a reference of the sector inside and outside our boundaries.

Proximity to farmers,
essential to Litera Meat

The significant number of pork livestock farms in Aragón and, more specifically, in the La Litera region makes Binéfar a strategic location with great potential in the agri-food industry. Being near to livestock farms is an essential value in our commitment to animal welfare since it decreases transport time and the risk of any deaths occurring during transport. Litera Meat’s operations, with an investment that was declared of interest to the Autonomous Community of Aragón, mean a significant increase in the GPD of the Province of Huesca.

Spain has established itself as a strong global actor in the pork meat industry and Aragon is the spanish region with the most growth and development in the pork sector: +27% over the previous year (November 2020, Ministry of Agriculture of Spain).