The environmental issues area of Litera Meat is fully focused on working on the protection of the environment, opting for circular economy and the use of clean energies. Litera Meat’s business activity takes into account many environmental aspects, which have been controlled from the beginning and towards which an attitude of active and constant improvement has been kept. Relations have been strengthened with authorised management entities located nearby with the aim of minimising the environmental impact of transport, thus contributing to the reduction of the emissions which have an impact on the atmosphere. Likewise, Litera Meat has its own wastewater treatment plant, which implements cutting-edge technology.

Our mission is to foster sustainable business development, take advise and direct our project towards a more environmentally friendly production system, encouraging a well-balanced integration among society, economy and environment. It is also worth mentioning that the environmental area of Litera Meat is working on long-standing projects, opting for actions which are sustainable in the long term.

Thus at Litera Meat we promote responsible management through the use of 100% renewable energy, understanding sustainability and respect for the environment as a integral responsibility.

Reducing CO2 emissions is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility plan and our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Such an essential activity as exporting in the food sector requires companies to incorporate into their internal policy actions promoting the reduction of the carbon footprint and this is why Litera Meat has opted for the use of more eco-friendly means of transport, progressively replacing road transport —considered the most contaminant— with transport by train. In tandem with our logistics operators, today we dispatch between 5 and 6 trains weekly from Monzón’s Intermodal Terminal, which translates into cutting the emission of contaminant gases by more than a half.