How To Cook Pork Belly

how to cook pork belly



What to look for when buying pork belly.

Pork belly can be found in supermarket and butcher stores and they are always presented in the form of whole slabs or already slice in bacon.

When buying pork belly , always try checking if the meat is fresh and doesn’t have any bad smell on it. 

Below is a list of few indicators to help you buy good pork belly:

Colour : When buying pork belly , always check the colour of the pork , ensure that it is pale creamy white. If it has another colour ( yellowish or grey shading) it means , its is not longer good for consumption.

Smell : Any Good cut of pork belly shouldn’t have any smell. If you get a rotten smell when buying pork belly, it indicates that it is not good. 

Texture of the flesh : The texture of the pork belly should be firm to touch and pink. If it is slimmy, it means it is not good for consumption.

And lastly the ratio of fat and flesh should be evenly distrubuted across it. 

How to prepare pork belly.

The easiest way of cooking pork belly is to ask your butcher to help you with the slicing and cutting of the pork belly. The pork skin is usually hard and sometimes requires a special knife to cut through it and some experience too. If you are having difficulties cutting through the pork skin , it is advisable to always ask your butcher for help before making the final purchase of the pork belly .

How to roast pork belly.

  • Cut the pork belly using a very sharp knife 
  • Place  the pork, skin-side up, on a rack in a roasting tin. Rub with oil and season with salt. This is going to help the fat to reduce. 
  • Transfer to a preheated oven. Check your recipe for times and temperatures. Pork belly needs a combination of slow, gentle heat to tenderise the meat, plus a shorter blast at a higher heat to crisp up the skin.
  • Cook at 180C/160C fan/gas 4 for 2 hrs 15 mins, then turn up the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6 for a further 35 minutes to crisp the crackling.
  • Once cooked (the pork should be tender; this can be easily tested by piercing the flesh with a knife), remove the pork from the oven, then leave to rest for 10-15 minutes before carving.


How long do you cook pork belly for?

I know you must be wondering how long you should cook pork belly and the temperature at which the pork belly is to be cooked. But not to worry we have it all here for you . 

The secret to cooking pork belly is the combination of a gentle heat to tenderise the meat and short, high temperature blasts to crisp up the skin on the outside. Typically, recipes call for around 2 hrs at 180C/160C fan/gas 4, then a further 30 mins or so at 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Some recipes suggest cooking at a higher temperature first, while others recommend doing so at the end as we have here; either way will produce good results.



How to check that pork is cooked.

It might be challenging to know when the pork belly is actually ready for consumption. But at the same time simple once you know it. 

When the pork juice is clear and the meat is tender which can be pierce with a knife . it is a great sign to let you know that the pork is ready .Try putting the joint under a hot grill for a few minutes – but remember to keep an eye on it to avoid burning.


Top Pork Belly Recipes.


Three-hour pork belly

This cut of pork is perfect for a sensational Sunday roast. Our luxurious three-hour pork belly creates beautifully soft flesh and crisp crackling. Serve with red cabbage and new potatoes for an ultra-satisfying family meal. It takes a grand total of just 10 minutes to prepare this golden-brown beauty for cooking.

three hours pork belly

Slow cooker pork belly

Achieve tender, melt-in-the-mouth meat in just two easy steps. For traditionalists, serve with creamy mash, steamed veggies and gravy. For something a little different, try serving in a ramen noodle broth, bao buns or burgers.

slow cooker

Pork belly slices

Sticky pork belly slices are our favourite summer indulgence. Try serving these tender strips of meat with crunchy coleslaw in a pillowy-soft bread bun with plenty of homemade fries. Roasting with our easy barbecue sauce locks in flavour and creates a charred, caramelised crust we can’t resist.

pork belly slice

Pomegranate-braised pork belly

Combine classic Chistmassy spices to create the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavours with our pomegranate-braised pork belly. This hearty winter warmer makes a stunning dinner-party main course for the colder months.

pomegrante braise pork belly

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