The Best Pork Cutts For Roasting And Cracking

It is quite difficult deciding from the different pork parts which one is best for Roasting and Cracking but we have made the process of figuring out the parts simple for you by providing you with a detail list of the various parts from the pork leg to pork belly which is best for getting a perfect pork roast and cracking.

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The Shoulder

Roasting the shoulder is quite difficult as compared to other pork parts good for Roasting and cracking, but it can be roasted on the bone and also to make it simpler it can be roasted by first removing the bones. Once the bone is removed , the meat is rolled and tight into good and pleasurable joints.
It has a very good flavour and also not much fats as compared to other pork parts making it one of the best parts to get good cracklings.


The blade is also very good for pork crackling , it is a small part from the spare ribbs and it is not easily cutts out. It is best to ask your butcher to help you cut it out for you. It has a beautiful flavour and also it is relatively inexpensive.


The hand is also a good part for crackling, it also have some bones in it and it not quite easy to be cutt out. It is best to ask your butcher to cut it out for you . it has a beautiful flavour and also not much fats on it and you can always get it a good price.

Pork Loin
Pork tenderloin


The Pig loin is also another good part for having a good cracking. There are different parts in pork which you can get a loin , starting from the head and from the belly.
If the lion you are buying has some bone on it , it is always advisable to ask your butcher to help you remove the bones.
The Lion have a very good flavour and also forms very good cracklings. As compared to other pork parts the loin is relatively expensive.


The tenderloin is a very good part for pork cracking , it is very good when roasted and more better when the is extra pork on it. It is also very good when cooked.


A large, rectangular slab of meat that’s excellent for roasting, and is considered to be the tastiest cut by the Chinese. It’s easier to carve if boned first. As always, the skin needs to be scored before cooking, and because it is quite a fatty joint, with a good layer of fat directly beneath the skin, it will give very moist, succulent meat and really good crackling if properly cooked. It can also be rolled up into a more compact joint for roasting.


A large joint, on the bone, more usually boned out and divided into more manageable-sized joints. This is one of the most commonly bought and most popular joints for roasting because of its leanness, but is also the joint responsible for the perception that roast pork is dry and that it’s difficult to make good crackling. A leg of pork is one of the most expensive roasting joints but it does give nice lean, uniformly shaped slices, and can be stuffed if you wish, prior to tying into shape.

pork tenderloin

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